Quality vs Price – Does it really matter?

We have an old test we’ve done for years, where we have 3 pair of speakers connected to the same source. We start with the lowest quality pair of speakers and let customers listen to a few songs and different volume levels. Most respond something along the lines of “that sounds pretty good”. Then we switch to the mid-grade speakers. Typically, they respond, that’s a little better. But, it’s even more pronounced when we switch back to the low end speakers. Then the response is “WOW!”. Finally, we switch to the “best” pair of speakers and clients are usually awed by the clarity, levels and crispness of the audio. Switching back “down” to the lower quality speakers, shows a significant difference in quality. This is just one example of how side by side comparisons can be a wise decision when making purchases. What you don’t know, is still there.

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