Smart homes have been a hot topic for over fifty years, and it seems like they just keep getting more intelligent. What does this mean for builders, though? What features are now a must, and which should be considered?

These are the most important considerations for smart home buyers and why they matter. 

Small Features That Make Life More Comfortable

Not every smart feature needs to be large and ostentatious! Instead, you can add some smaller features that build up to a more comfortable and smart home overall. Some of these items can be touchless bathroom faucets. These keep the bathroom as sanitary as possible while also allowing a streamlined and minimalist look to the sink. 

You can also add other items like smart mirrors that tell you the weather and give you social media updates while you get ready for the day!

Better Control of Lighting and Windows

The light in our lives has a large influence on not only our circadian rhythm but also our mood and how we experience the world. Having better control of the amount of light in a home can give buyers the chance to fix broken sleep schedules and get in more vitamin D when they want it.

Any smart home should have features like smart lights that can be set to a timer and can also be set up to change colors- and smart window panes and shades that can do the same. When working together, this can wake homeowners more naturally and allow for natural light to bathe the home during the daytime before being seamlessly replaced by artificial lighting once night falls, turning less blue and more yellow the closer it is to bedtime so they can sleep.

Thoughtful Details in the Kitchen

Our kitchens are where we share time with family and loved ones and make fuel for ourselves to get us through the day. The kitchen needs to be just as smart as the rest of the home. One of the best ways you can make cooking in the morning more appetizing is to add fun details like radiant floor heating

This allows you to walk around your kitchen on the chilliest of mornings without having to worry about getting icy feet. Make sure to also install a good radiant floor heating thermostat so the buyers can easily control it.

Updated Pipes and Leak Detection

Nobody wants their gorgeous, smart home to have leaks or issues. Help protect the property, and give the homeowner warning even years after you’ve finished the property by including a leak detection system that lets them know when certain areas of the home need to be sealed better. Applying sealant is far cheaper than having to catch, clean, and repair a flooded wall or room. Early leak detection is a must for any home.

Motorization to Make Life Easier

Why not allow your home to have adjustable settings? Motorization allows for the property to be taken further and encourages the homeowners to be able to do anything from have their shades rise and close automatically to allowing their clear windows to suddenly have a tint at the press of a button or mention of a word to a smart assistant. This allows you to have a more hands-off lifestyle and can be a fantastic item for anyone from tech-heads to people struggling with mobility.

Updated Exterior Spaces That Add Security

The exterior of any property should be as smart as its interior. This means adding features like smart lighting that can sense when someone’s walking around and will brighten the exterior of your home. 

This is great for a multitude of reasons, including the fact that it scares off people who might be trying to break into your home: since the last thing they’d want is a spotlight. 

Green Features That Make Life Easier

There are some features that not only make life easier but also make it far more affordable, and they end up paying for themselves. One of the main examples of this is a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats allow the homeowners to control their home’s heating and cooling with either an app on their phone or the simple interface that’s on the wall. 

Of course, these features also ensure that you can set timers for the heating or air conditioner to start and allow you to turn it up or down when you’re not in the house, in case you forgot that you left it on during the day. This allows it to be off while you’re at work while still letting you arrive home to a perfectly comfortable property.

Every Smart Home Should Stun Customers

Whether this is the first smart home you’ve designed, or you’re refreshing your knowledge after working in the industry for years: the smart homes you build should be incredible to buyers. Consider some of these options when you’re creating your next project.
Sam Willis is a contributor to Innovative Building Materials. He is a blogger and content writer for the real estate industry. Sam is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that increase property value, maximize energy savings, and turn houses into homes.