Emergency “System Take-Overs”




Once your state-of-the-art technology is designed and installed by the best, keep it current with the best. FulTech offers several service plans to choose from: StayConnected ($10/mo billed monthly) provides firmware updates, integration of new products or equipment, addition of 3rd party services (DSL, cable, satellite) and upgrades.

Home Control login services give you a private, secure, app based access to your security or smart home system,  enabling you to login to various systems at the home; CCTV, control system, gates, security, music collections and more.  ($39.95/mo, Billed Monthly)

FulTech Service Plans –  Complete network and control system remote monitoring to allow us to remotely view problems, issues and provide fixes and repairs, without scheduling a site visit.  FulTech can totally manage and control your home network, from rebooting modems, routers and even APs to knowing when your internet is down and where the problem started.  With these plans, you get a fixed number of hours per year, which can be used any way you wish, for service calls, for installing new products, pre-testing a system prior to an event or party, or whatever you desire.  Once these hours are used up, you can purchase more in blocks of 5 hours, at a discounted rate.   Never pay full labor price again.  You also get 48 hour response, on-site to fix or repair any issues that may occur and unlimited remote repairs. 

System Take-Overs

Problem systems – Did you buy a system from a company, only to have it never work properly?  Has your programmer been on-site for weeks or months on-end and still can’t seem to get everything working?  At FulTech we specialize in system take-overs.   In almost all cases, we are able to use most of your existing equipment, and reprogram your system in 2 weeks or less and leave you with a now, 100% operational and reliable system.  The majority of the time, the equipment was installed properly, but the company was not able to properly program it, or used outside programmers who didn’t show up or couldn’t finish themselves.  FulTech has reprogrammed dozens of systems, all over NE Florida over our 22 years in business,, and prevented the complete trashing of a system that still had much value built in.   We can help you with your system, no matter how poorly installed or programmed it was. Give us a call today before you make an even more expensive decision.  Any system can be fixed and made right.  For references, please check out our Testimonials page.   

Emergency System Recovery and Repairs.

When lightening strikes and damage requires insurance companies to pay the bill  we’re the experts to call.  Our staff can perform electronic forensics on your system and determine what is damaged, whether parts are repairable or need replacing and what the potential causes are.  We are able to provide immediate repair service solutions and are truly experts in this area. From re-installing to programming the systems we can build you back better than before.

 We also make sure clients get fully reimbursed by insurance companies for damage caused by lightening and surges. 

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