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“Motorization (Lifts, Mounts, TVs, Doors, Windows, Shades, and more)”

Motorization and Motion

Controlled Motorization is simply adding motors or the ability to move things, most that typically did not move, or only moved by manual means.   Things we can motorize range from TV lifts and mounts to shades and drapes to screens, doors and windows.  Most of the products we sell are MADE IN THE USA. 

At FulTech, we offer many solutions for motorization, from TV lifts and mounts to electronic drapes and shades, which we’ve sold and installed hundreds of over the years and are a great way to control light and heat in the home or office.   

One of our newest offerings over the past 10 years have been sliding door motors.  These can really enhance the experience of your home and patio or pool deck. Pressing a button to open multiple sliding panels is much easier than pushing them manually open, and a great accessory as we all age.   FulTech is currently the sole dealer in Florida for InMotion and Summit motorized door systems. 

Automation and Motorization

Advanced SMART HOME technology

Various Motorization Options


Shades, Blinds and Drapes
TV mounts and lifts
Mantel Mounts


Motorized screens and sunshades

Kick Ass

Smart Glass and Smart Tint (electronic glass)

Motorized Doors

Motorized Sliding Doors

TV Lifts, Motors and Concealment Solutions

TV Lifts are not new, but today’s TV lifts have many more features, settings and opportunities to hide TVs in ways and places you never thought possible.  From under the bed, hidden in ceilings and more, we’ve got a lift for your needs. 


In addition to Lifts, we also have solutions to hide your TVs in a a fixed position, like mirrored TVs or Art Screen where art covers the TV until needed or even the Samsung FrameTV, which looks like art while not in use.  At FulTech we’ve been installing these same systems for over 25 years. 


Motorized Drapes and Shades

At FulTech, we’ve been installing motorized drapes, shades and blinds for over 15 years.  With hundreds of shades installed, we’ve never had one fail.   We specialize in Crestron shades, but also sell and install Lutron and Somfy motorized systems as well.   We work with your designers to insure a great fit and finish and have years of experience with various concealment solutions.   

Smart Glass and Smart Films

Smart glass, switchable glass or color changing glass is a relatively new offering.  Our model home has both a motorized sliding door system and smart glass on a bathroom window (schedule a tour to see first hand).   A smart glass system can be accomplished in one of two ways, buying glass with film embedded in the glass or by using a tint film to add that feature to existing windows.   The film or tint type is about 60% the cost of the embedded type.  At FulTech we offer both.  The differences are mainly in clarity, light edges, longevity and price.   Give us a call today to discuss your project.  

Motorized Doors and Sliders

FulTech is THE only dealer in Florida selling and servicing InMotion Doors.  We’ve been selling and installing motorized door systems for almost a decade now and represent the 2 main brands on the market, InMotion Doors and Summit Automation.  

You provide the door, we’ll motorize and automate it. These are UL approved door systems, safe, easy to use and reliable.   Just about any sliding glass door system can be motorized.  Pivot doors are also available to motorize and automate.  Take the hassle of opening and closing those large (and heavy) beautiful glass doors that you bought and automate it.  Its one of the best investments you’ll make.  Email or Call today to arrange a tour of our model home to see first hand how these systems work.  

Motorized Sun Shades, Bug Screens and More


Turn your home into a SMART solution.


FulTech is north Florida’s oldest and most experienced systems integration and home automation firm.  Since 1995 we have been serving up the latest, highest quality and best systems in the Southeast.  From Central Florida, The Cayman’s, The Bahamas, to North Carolina and Tennessee, FulTech can meet your most complex technology needs.  

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