Construction and Builder Site Surveillance and Security


For our 25 years in business, job site security has always been an issue for builders.  Projects are vandalized, damaged, burglarized and appliances and property are stolen or damaged.  Even with best efforts, it is difficult to fully secure a job site and with typically limited or no services, there is no way to send or receive signals.


For several years, we have provided solutions to job site security via cameras and security systems, however recent advancements have made our latest solutions exponentially better than prior systems. From GSM (cellular) Routers to UPS systems to low power NVRs and PoE Cameras, today’s solutions are light years ahead of what was available just a few years ago.   

We’ve seen builders attempt to use “cheap” DVR systems from big box stores that only cost a “couple hundred bucks” or they attempt to use doorbell cams, as security cameras, and both fail to work when you need them most.   Doorbell cams are not security cameras.  They are cloud dependent and wireless, so prone to failures, and get around 50% of motion events that occur in front of them.  We have yet to encounter someone who has used one that captured and event when they needed it to.  The no name DVR systems that include 4 cams, have very low resolution and zoom capabilities, so even when they do work, the resolution is so poor the images are no good to police or insurance companies. The bottom line is, you need a surveillance system to work ONE TIME, and that’s the ONE TIME you need it.  If it fails that ONE TIME, it was a waste of money, not an investment. 


Our Builder Site Surveillance System is a triple redundant, an all-in-one, plug-n-play solution for most job sites.  It is comprised of an 8 Channel NVR, 4 PoE Cameras with StarLight night vision technology and built in SD card slots and all the cables needed.  It records to both SD cards, in each camera, as well as to the NVR, right out of the box. 

 It comes packaged in a hard case, custom fitted with cooling fans and slots for cords and wire management.  It also comes with a monitor and offers an optional UPS battery backup (30-60 mins run-time), an optional GSM Router (for cellular connection) and optional WiFi antenna for site use, if needed.   All you need is power and a SIM card (with service from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon). 

For true off-site redundancy, in case of theft or damage to cameras or NVR, the system can also send recordings to the cloud for storage (optional additional feature), so you have a record, even in the case of theft or fire.   With the UPS and Notification feature, the system will notify you of a power outage, you can then login, see what is going on, reboot plugs in the unit, and have 30-60 minutes to get someone to the site or contact authorities. 

Simply plug the unit in, setup the cams where they will get the best coverage, close the case, lock it and secure it to the site, and the system is ready to go.  Once setup with your email address and info, it will record, sense motion events and contact you when you select it to.  Some builders have 1 system, they move to various sites as needed, others have purchased several to watch over multiple sites at a time. 

Give us a call today for a discussion or even a demo at our or your location, showing how easy these systems are to use.   They can be implemented in as little as 20 minutes and can be the system can be packed up in the one box, and easily and quickly transported to other sites as needed.