The Ultimate Outdoor Living Solutions

For Today’s Lifestyles, the options are better than ever for the Ultimate Outdoor Living experience.  From landscape lighting to landscape audio, motorized screens, motorized sliding doors, outdoor TVs and theaters and more,  we offer a variety of solutions that can greatly enhance your home’s outdoor experience.  Based on your lawn size and wants, FulTech offers a solution that will fit your needs and budget.

Here are just some of the categories of products and systems that we offer to improve your back yard experience.  


Landscape Lighting Systems 

FulTech offers all brass, lifetime warranty (on hardware), MADE IN AMERICA, LED, controllable landscape lights which greatly enhance to look and safety of your lawn and home.  From providing security lighting to illuminating your lawn and trees (using up-lighting and down-lighting) to give it the exotic and safe look you seek.   Your Landscape designer at FulTech has over 20 years experience designing, installing and representing landscape lighting systems.  So you are in good hands.    We offer a lifetime warranty on the fixtures, 5 year warranty on the bulbs, which are easily replaceable, and 5 year warranty on our workmanship.  

Landscape Speaker Systems –   We offer a range of outdoor speakers, from basic box or rock speakers to a virtually hidden landscape speaker system that carries sound all around your lawn/pool space.   These systems include the amp, 8 satellite speakers and a sub-woofer that is buried in your lawn, so it is virtually unseen.  These systems offer the ability to have excellent, crisp, lossless sound, all around your lawn, without blasting the neighbors and you’re able to have a conversation anywhere, without having to lower the volume.  These provide the ultimate solution for outdoor audio listening.   We offer several brands and options in this category.  





Weatherproof/Outdoor TVs and Theaters – For your outdoor viewing pleasure, FulTech has several options, from soft TV covers, for dust protection, to hard covers for vandal/breakage and weather protection to Outdoor TVs with much brighter pictures than standard TVs, with 3 options for covered patio TVs,  limited exposure TVs to TVs that are completely submersible in water and salt water and salt air resistant.    We also offer projection systems for pools and back lawns, that are great for having those Football game or sports get together and all watch the event on a 100″ or larger screen in your pool or yard. 

Samsung Terrace




Motorized/Retractable Bug/Sun Screens/Shades –  FulTech offers a few options for motorized screen systems for your patio or lanai, not only do these keep bugs and such away, but also act as solar screens, so you can limit the heat and light that reaches your patio, each day.   We offer several options here as well, as one made right here in Jacksonville, Fla.  Whether you are looking for just bug protection or sun/shade and bug protection, we have a solution to fit your needs. 

Fenetex Screens  (Bug and hurricane screens)

TerraView (Bug screens and Sun shades)

Screen Innovations Zen 2 & Nano (Bug screens and Sun shades)

Motorized Sliding Door Systems – Today’s sliding door systems are getting larger and larger, with more panels and thus weighing more than ever, making opening and closing them more difficult, especially as we age.   We offer motorized systems that will fit almost any sliding door system, no matter how many panels, that automatically open the doors when you press a button, walk in front of them or talk to them, in some cases.   These systems allow even the heaviest doors to be operated with ease and without any force on your part.   An awesome addition to any door system, these motors really increase the usability and experience of having a large sliding door system, as you will now be able to more easily use the doors as often as you want. 

Summit Automation

InMotion Doors