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The Smart Home Experience

Call and make an appointment today to visit our state of the art model home.   This home literally has the latest and greatest in smart home technology, and general home technology.

Your visit will be an experience in itself.  The home features nearly all aspects of today’s smart home, from lighting control, whole house audio, distributed video to the doorcam and Alexa, even integrated fireplaces and firepits around the home, but also some robust features that really make a smart home exceptional. 

Hidden TVs behind art, TVs behind mirrors, rain sensing motorized skylights, to automated motorized sliding glass doors and even a mailbox sensor to let you know when the mail has arrived.   We have even integrated flood sensors with the water main and pumps, so should something leak, all water sources are turned off immediately. 

In addition to being smart, this $2.3M home is also a net-zero energy home.  It sports a mutliple solar panel PV system, a battery backup to store the energy, and a generator as a final backup (Grid tied, but not dependent).   It has an integrated geo-thermal system that shares the heat with the hot water system and pool.   Much of the efficiency is gained through automation and control of many of the homes features.  FulTech was able to fullfil not only the standard smart home requirements, but automating and integrating with the various net zero energy systems.

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