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FulTech FulHouse System

Your new home is a reflection of you, and it should be beautiful and functional. We’ll handle your complete technology  design and installation, and a FulHouse system enables any electrically powered sub-system in your home to be controlled and integrated into it. From lights, drapes and blinds, home theater, security, pool or spa, even plumbing and doors, we make them work together for you, all with minimum effort on your part…to maximize your enjoyment

Why Choose FulTech Solutions? 

Its Simple Really.  You want THE best system you can have!

FulTech is one of the most award-winning Integration companies in Florida, and national Integrator of the Year in 2013-14. 

We are one of few HTA Certified Integrators in the State. 

Our Technicians and staff are experts at what they do, are certified in each discipline and have years of experience.

All of our TOP NOTCH staff, technicians and programmers are long time employees of FulTech, not contractors.  

We are proud of work and take pride in the systems we install.  Over our 25 years in business, we still work with 75% of our clients, even from 20+ years ago and most of those systems still work.   

We’ve taken over many systems that were poorly designed, installed or programmed and have developed lifelong clients from those repairs. 

What’s Different About
HTA Certified Companies?

• Seasoned professionals with proven technical expertise
• World-class ongoing aftercare service
• Endorsements from manufacturers, local industry peers, and design/build professionals
• Comprehensive background checks for all new employees
• Proven, stellar business performance
• Ability to deliver high-performance enterprise-grade computer networks
• An exceptional reputation you can trust

Fulhouse Systems Include

Advanced SMART HOME technology


Lighting is one of the most used, yet overlooked aspects of today’s smart home. 

Today’s homes have from 20 to 100 or more lighting switches and one of our goals is to reduce your wall clutter.  We specifically work with builders, designers and architects to reduce wall clutter, not add to it.  We can take a typical set of lighting plans and reduce the number of wall switches by 30% or more, while giving more access to all lights.   This really cleans up those unsightly 4-6 (or more) gang light switch boxes in the Foyer and by other entry doors, usually ending up with a 1-2 gang box. 

With a Lighting Control System you can control any light or appliance in your home from your phone, tablet or remote control, or use timers, sensors or other triggers to turn them off and on. 

 In addition, almost all lights now slowly become brighter or fade off, and have a built in dimming mechanism with memory. We even have the ability to change the fade rate, allowing you to adjust the time a light fades on or off from 1 second to 15 minutes or more.   


From whole house audio to shared video systems, FulTech has a solution for your home. 

For audio around the home, we offer single room/zone systems, or even wireless systems like Sonos. Or you can opt for fully amplified, multi-zone (listen to the same or different things all throughout the various rooms of your home), multi-source (listen to any of your streaming services, iTunes (Apple Music), radio or your own music from any of your personal devices).

For a video system, whether you are “cutting the cord” or have multiple services, we can help streamline your system and share sources across all of your TVs.   We offer everything from off-air HD antennas to  HDBaseT, MoIP 4K and other video distribution systems.     

This streamlines the amount cable, satellite, Netflix/Roku or other streaming boxes you will need.   It also centrally locates all equipment, making hiding equipment at TVs unnecessary.  Finally, it makes control easy, as all rooms use the same, easy to use remote control.  You can also control anything via your App.

Call us today to see how we can streamline and create and easy to use and efficient system for you home.


Feel safe with a security system that’s fully integrated with your home automation systems. FulTech can integrate almost any security system to our systems, and offer the latest in home security panels and system. 

From hardwired to the latest wireless system, we can integrate them with your smart home system, which can now turn off all the lights and TVs, and also close the shades, shutters and more just by simply arming the system.

When an alarm is triggered, the system can close your garage doors and gates, and turn on all your lights and more. FulTech also offers the latest in access control systems that allow you to use a simply keyfob, BlueTooth  or your phone’s proximity sensor(if equiped) to unlock your door, gate or garage.

In addition, we now offer RFID and Beacon technologies for personnel and property locating. Know when your laptop leaves the house, or simply know if the trash has been taken out on trash night, or if the mail has come. Your options are virtually limitless. 


FulTech are experts on HVAC controls.  We have integrated with almost every system on the market and even written custom code for a few.

Whether using automated thermostats or a completely zoned system, most of your home’s initial energy savings will come from a climate control system fully integrated with your home technology system.   The ability to control the HVAC when not home, when arming the system and when sleeping reaps financial rewards and better comfort.   

If its automated and easy, you tend to use these benefits more.   By simply arming your security, your HVAC can be set back 5, 10 or to whatever temp you desire.  You can have a timer schedule it to come on 1 hour before you get home each day, or use your app to turn it up or down, on your way home.  Scheduling can also be used while sleeping, to keep it cooler, for instance, when you are falling asleep or waking up, but otherwise, run less.

The benefits are really endless to integrating your HVAC system, and not all thermostats and systems are the same.  Let us guide you to the best system for your home, needs and HVAC systems.


Answer your door from the ease of your phone, while home or not.   FulTech offers several DoorCam and Intercom options, from your basic SkyBell/Ring type systems to fully integrated camera, intercom (SIP) and app based systems that can be viewed on the TV, a phone, tablet or touchscreen.

Touchscreens in rooms, become the homes intercom and video system.  You can communicate room to room touchscreen to touchscreen or app to touchscreen, with or without video.  You can even setup the system to operate as a baby monitor, when you want to keep an eye on the baby, or kiddos. 


FulTech has installed 100’s of motorized shades, just over the past few years.  We’ve installed 45 in one home.   These are an oft overlooked aspect of the smart home, but something that if automated, is used much more often. 

Window shades were meant to be closed and open throughout the day, not just for decoration or day/night use.  With a manual shade, and our busy lifestyles, this becomes a hassle and just doesn’t get used as much as it should.  Carpets get bleached, rooms get hot, and your shades collect dust.  With motorized and automated shades, drapes and blinds, these can automatically open and close, throughout the day, based on time of day, your scheduling, where the sun is, and more.  We offer a variety of fabrics, even Hartman and Forbes, so we have the fabric and shades to suit your needs. 

FulTech is also certified in InMotion Door systems, so we can make just about any multi-panel, sliding glass door system, motorized, while building your home.   This is a huge convenience for large glass doors that open your home up to the outdoors.  For some, it is a neccessity, as these doors become heavier and harder to open and close.   The motors are UL approved and have safety built in.  They can also be programmed to close when its raining or windy, or at different times of the day.  

As you see, you can add control of some, or all of your drapes, blinds and electric door latches to your home automation system. You can even open and close a sliding glass door without ever getting up.


Integrate your pool and/or spa into your smart home system. Not just add another app to dig for, but fully integrated these and other plumbing systems into your smart home.   Your Hot Tub can start warming up when you turn off vacation mode, while your still driving from the airport.  The Pool Lights can come on when your press party mode for your house lighting.   The Pool and spa can tell your touchscreens and phones when they need cleaning.  Have the water features turn on in party mode, but only run at certain times of the day otherwise, enough to keep them clean and looking good, but reduce usage to conserve energy. 

Add push button controlled water delivery to every spigot in the house. Immediately send hot, warm or cold water at the touch of a button. Control lawn sprinklers or start the hot tub, so it’s just right when you’re ready to get in.

Finally, floods are the number one most costly home owners insurance claim.  Protect your home by having us place floor sensors around key areas in the home and when a flood is sensed, it will not only notify you, but also turn off the water main, to stop the flood from getting worse, until you can make repairs.   These are only a few of the benefits from integrating your water features and plumbing. 


The main control system, brain, HUB or whatever you want to call it, is a key component of a smart home system.  Choosing the right product and from the right manufacturer is paramount to the longevity and reliability of your system.

We’ve been a Crestron dealer for over 20 years and have won multiple awards for our systems, including the 2016 “Biggest Baddest Home System” award.   Crestron is a world renowned manufacturer of smart home controllers and as reliable and long lived as any on the market.   We also offer several other system that may fit your needs.  Systems like Control4, ELAN, SAVANT, URC, Alarm(dot)com to name a few.  

We offer a variety of options as one size does not fit all in the world of electronics and technology and there are various options to deliver what you need.  We try to glean from our discussion which solutions and systems best meet your needs, budget, expectations and future growth and expansion requirements.  Let us help you design the perfect system to suit you. 

Lightening, Insurance & Legal Consultants

Lightning/Surge Investigation, reporting and mitigation – after a suspected surge or lightening strike, our team will review your homes electronics systems and wiring to find and note any problems, determine what needs to be repaired or replaced and provide a report for your insurance company.  We often meet with insurance company representatives and thier forensic teams in some cases to review the damages and why and what needs to be replaced.  We are very successful in getting our customers systems repaired and made whole by insurance companies. 

System Take-overs – For more than 10 years, FulTech has been called in to take over systems that have had problems, never worked, or had someone tinkering with it for years trying to get it fully operational.  Our team often shows up and is on-site for less than 2 weeks, leaving you with a fully operational system and rarely having to change your systems parts (unless broken, damaged or the incorrect part, we can make it work).  See our reviews from many of our take-over clients, most remain our clients to this day.

Expert Witness – FulTech and our executive team, have been called as experts in several cases, local and national.   We offer our experience to review any number of issues related to smart homes, from patent-review to poorly installed or designed systems to infringement cases.  We offer expertise over a wide variety of aspects of home electronics and smart home devices.

Making an Impact

Turn your home into a SMART solution.


FulTech is north Florida’s oldest and most experienced systems integration and home automation firm.  Since 1995 we have been serving up the latest, highest quality and best systems in the Southeast.  From Central Florida, The Cayman’s, The Bahamas, to North Carolina and Tennessee, FulTech can meet your most complex technology needs.  

Let us help you make the right choice.

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